Rental Permit

As a landlord, you should be well aware of the possibility for municipalities to issue a rental permit. Below we have listed the most important points for you:


-It is not allowed to rent without the permission of the municipality.

- Municipalities can exclude certain target groups (such as students or labor migrants) or designate certain groups (such as people with a disadvantage on the labor market).
- As a landlord, rental intermediary or manager, you must comply with the rules set forth. Violation may result in the prohibition to continue rental activities.
- Only the landlord/owner of the property can apply for the rental permit.
- The permit will be refused if an administrative fine or order under administrative coercion has been imposed on the landlord within a period of 4 years prior to the application.
- A BIBOP examination is required when applying for the permit.
- As a landlord, you are required to explain your method of adhering to the points of good landlordship.
- The maximum calculation rent and maximum rent increase must be enforced.
- As landlord, you are obliged to draw up a maintenance plan and request it from the municipality. This plan should include maintenance and repairs to the property over a 5-year period and an estimate of the associated costs.
- As a landlord, you should use a written rental agreement.
- When renting out labor migrants, the municipality may grant this permit temporarily for a short period of time, but may also impose requirements on the number of maximum labor migrants in a dwelling and on the individual living quarters.
- The municipality can impose penalties, or administrative fines, on the landlord within a 4-year period.
- As a landlord, you can lose your license and the municipality can take over the management and rental if the rules are violated.
- The municipality will then set the rent and determine the costs to be incurred in managing and letting the housing. They may also collect rent payments and determine maintenance measures and pass on costs for these.
- The municipality cannot terminate management until after the landlord has made a sufficiently plausible case that he will act according to the rules in the future. Also, any necessary provisions or modifications must have been implemented and all costs and penalties paid.
- The supervisor (ODRA) is entitled to enter the property without the consent of the tenant or landlord.
- The municipality may publish violations and penalties in the Official Gazette.
- It is mandatory to appoint an accessible manager known to local residents and agencies and available 7 days a week.
- Landlords may be required to record all communications and practices through a system.

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