Sustainability grant for landlords!

Are you a private landlord or institutional investor who wants to make one or more of your rental properties more sustainable? On the website of the central government you can see if you qualify for the Subsidy Scheme for Sustainability and Maintenance of Rental Housing (SVOH). This scheme provides subsidies for energy-saving measures to make your rental home(s) more sustainable.


You get a grant for:

 energy-saving measures;
 maintenance measures;
 energy advice.
How much subsidy do you get?
You will receive a maximum subsidy of € 6,000 per home. In total, the government grants a maximum of €400,000 in subsidy.

Currently, more than 152 million is still available and this scheme is available until 2025, so take advantage of it now!


All conditions and more information can be read on the website of the central government:

Source: @Rijksoverheid