Wait to sell bricks!

It just doesn't seem to sink in how many people are (going to be) harmed by the proposed tax measures aimed at property owners. It was recently noted that a significant portion of private landlords are being forced to sell some of their real estate as a result of a series of unexplained intentions by the government.



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This proposed legislation, which includes an increased tax burden in Box 3 and a ban on temporary leases, makes it financially very unattractive for property owners to hold on to real estate. This while many depend heavily on this income. Selling therefore seems a logical step. It is important to realize that private property owners - small investors - are often unfairly labeled as slumlords. In reality, for many, the real estate they have purchased supplements or even provides their entire retirement. The proposed tax measures, however, put a painful line through this previously secure form of retirement. But they are not the only ones affected. The large-scale sale of houses by private landlords, who are the largest housing providers in the Netherlands alongside the corporations, significantly worsens the position of tenants. After all, not every house hunter can afford to buy their own home.

It is remarkable that proposed tax measures that clearly affect a large group of people - in this case small property owners, but also tenants and house seekers in the Netherlands - have not been addressed at an earlier stage. Fortunately, change slowly seems to be in the air. Not only is public outcry against these measures growing, intelligent alternatives are being proposed. For example, real estate professor Tom Berkhout recently suggested introducing a new Box 4, in which real estate could be taxed "in isolation. This would mean that the state would be assured of a stable cash flow by taxing only the WOZ value of real estate and not the income from it. A simple but effective solution.

Therefore, we would like to make an appeal to all private real estate investors: don't sell your bricks for the time being. The cabinet's current intentions are unreasonable and have rightly received a lot of criticism, making it very likely that they will not make it. Although it will take some perseverance, holding on to your real estate seems wise in the long run.

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