Technisch beheer

Expert guidance on maintenance; savings and convenience for the owner:

Achieving the highest rental yield through sophisticated advice on the finish and completion level of the property to be leased, in the case of furnished rentals also on the purchase of still missing inventory.

In case of rental mutations, the rented object is inspected so that damage can be claimed directly by us from the departing tenant.

Convenience for the owner because questions of the tenant are taken care of by the manager. We are available to the tenant on working days from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30.

Special events (reported by the tenant) that (may) cause damage to the property, such as fire, explosion, burglary, storm and flooding, are reported to the owner, with advice on how to handle them.

Issuing maintenance orders on behalf of the client. For urgent matters and minor maintenance issues (usually up to €250), immediate action is taken. For larger maintenance, permission from the owner is sought first. If required, several quotations are compared. The work is checked by us.