New box 3 tax delayed!

It was recently announced that the new wealth tax, which would be based on actual returns achieved, will not come about before 2027. This news stems from an interview given to NRC, in which the secretary of state expressed doubts about the feasibility of a tax based on actual returns achieved.


We will, of course, keep you informed of further developments. 

Brief explanation of box 3:

The box 3 levy is part of the income tax and applies to the income you have from savings and investments. This is the notional return you would earn on your assets, on which you pay tax. In Box 3, no distinction is made between different types of assets, such as savings, shares, or a second home. All your assets above the exemption of €57,000 (per person in 2023) fall into box 3.

In box 3, you pay tax on a notional return, which is set by the government. This return is based on the average return of the previous five years. You then pay 30% tax on this notional return. The actual return you earn on your assets is not important here.

It is important to know that there are several ways to reduce the box 3 levy. For example, you can make use of the exemptions, you can save or invest in sustainable projects and you can invest in your own home.

The old box 3 levy creates a lot of extra work for the tax authorities, so the introduction date of Jan. 1, 2026 was already practically unachievable. This was later adjusted in the coalition agreement, but now it appears that there will be further delays. In the most favorable case, the secretary of state will come up with draft legislation for the new tax this summer, but it is expected that another three years from consultation will be needed for legislation and implementation.