Abolition of the temporary rental agreement

Change is afoot in the Dutch rental market. Indeed, temporary rental contracts will be banned. You may have heard this before, but during an additional round of debate it was revealed that a majority of the Lower House has agreed to an initiative bill from PvdA and ChristenUnie. Even temporary room rentals to students will no longer be allowed.


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Less supply and less stress, better livability neighborhoods, but even longer living at home and (even) higher rents.

This law will undoubtedly lead to less supply of rooms and rental housing in the rental housing market. The logical consequence is that prices will rise from the supply. On the positive side, tenants' stress will be reduced and livability in neighborhoods will increase, but where will they soon have to live? That will only be possible if there is rapid construction ... and that is really not going to happen at this time.

So what can and should temporary rentals be agreed upon?

New exceptions

However, new possibilities have been created for temporary rentals. People who are moving in together and therefore have a home they do not yet want to get rid of are allowed to rent it out temporarily. Private landlords can also use renting to a family member as grounds for termination, although the court will still weigh up the interests of the tenant and the family member. 

Old temporary rental variants, such as youth contracts, campus contracts, contracts for large families, short stay and intermediate rental also remain with the amended law. 

We understand that this change is unfavorable for several people. For this group, it is important to use a good reliable rental broker as a rental housing intermediary, so that one can be well informed about the options when renting. So these people too, can continue to rent and rent carefree.

We will keep you informed as of when this change in law is in effect.